England 2018 Bild Rochester

On Monday we were in Rochester to learn something about the beautiful town where we would stay for the next 3 days. To do that we went to the Rochester Castle. We had to answer a couple of questions about the castle and the history of Rochester. We have all got to admit that it was pretty interesting and that we all learned a little bit more about England. After that we drove to Brighton for 2 hours. Our Busdrive was really pleasant. When we arrived first we went to the famous Brighton Pier and we had time to take some pictures or just to look around. It was great. The view was terrific.Even when the rain was pouring, we did not care, because it was so unbelievable. After that we had some free time in the city. Brighton is well known for their lanes and because of that of course we saw them. After we finished spending time in the city we were supposed to meet at the Royal Pavilion. It was our meeting point. Many of us had problems to find the Royal pavilion, but then we just asked some people who were walking by and they helped us. They were really friendly. When finally every one of us were on the meeting point we drove back home. We were all tired, because it was a really hard and long day but we were also happy that we had such an awesome day.

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England 2018 Bild Piccadilly Circus

Thursday was our second day in London and also our last day that we spent in England. This time we had to be earlier on our meeting point, because our bus driver had to load our suit cases into the bus and also to have more time in the capital city of England. Our busdrive was like the other ones really good. When we arrived in London we went to 3 museums and every one of us had to choose between the Science museums, the Natural History museum and the Arts museum. We had time to look around and to read some facts. It was a little bit sad that we didn’t have enough time. After that we went to the Hyde Park and we took a picture at the memorial Fountain from lady Diana. Lady Diana was the princess of Wales, who sadly died in a car accident in 1997. After that we went to the Oxford street. Everyone of us was really excited, cause we all looked really forward to the famous Oxford street. We had 3 hours time to shop along the street. At the end of the street was our meeting point. It was really stressful. The Oxford street has many shops and everyone wanted to see everything, but it was also pretty cool. When we met at our meeting point we went to the British history museum. We had a long time to look around and it was really interesting. After that we went to China town and we had time to go around. We saw many street performers, one of the 5 m&m’s worlds and many other things. London is on of the cities, which doesn’t sleep. It is really vivid and everybody liked that. After that we went to a supermarket to buy some food for our bus drive back to home. Our bus picked us up at a bus station at 9 p.m.. We were all really sad. It was an unforgettable week and we are sure that we all going to remember it.

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